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In family law, every case involves interrelated issues. Divorces often raise child custody issues, and child custody can raise paternity and child support issues, and so on. That is why it is important to have an attorney on your side with the knowledge and experience necessary to handle every aspect of your case.

At Downs Law Offices, our broad range of skills lets us take a holistic approach to your family law case. We appreciate the effect that the various elements of a divorce or child custody dispute in Chicago, Cook and DuPage Counties can have on you and your loved ones, and we provide the support and advice you need to get through these difficult times and get back to living your life.


Being an effective family law attorney means more than knowing the law. It also means appreciating the emotional pressures on our clients and giving them the confidence and reassurance they need to keep their emotions in check during a very challenging process. It also means not just telling a client what they want to hear, but the unvarnished truth. At Downs Law Offices, this is the philosophy that guides our lawyers through every aspect of our family law practice:

  • Divorce - Whether contested or uncontested, our Chicago, Cook and DuPage county attorneys strive to resolve your divorce as painlessly as possible while still protecting your property and custody rights.
  • Marital agreements - We help couples draft clear and enforceable marital agreements that establish your marital property rights and simplify divorce, should it occur.
  • Child custody - Our attorneys are adept at negotiating clear and comprehensive child custody plans but are also prepared to litigate in cases where one parent tries to shut out the other or when there are concerns about parental fitness.
  • Child support - We help divorcing and unmarried parents understand their child support rights and advocate for support awards that fairly reflect your individual circumstances.
  • Adoption - Our firm assists families throughout Chicago in both contested and uncontested adoptions, including those that cross state and even national borders.
  • Spousal maintenance - We represent divorcing or separating spouses on both sides of spousal maintenance disputes.
  • Civil unions - Our lawyers are proud to work on the cutting edge of this fast-developing area of law, and we have helped domestic partners throughout the Chicago area understand civil unions and take advantage of their legal rights.
  • International and interstate child abduction - Our attorneys have had great success working with law enforcement and foreign courts to bring home children who have been victims of interstate and international child abduction (Hague Conbvention) and parental kidnapping.

You can rely on our Chicago, Cook and DuPage County attorneys at Downs Law Offices to stay by your side, supporting and advising you through every phase and facet of your family law issue.

The dedication and compassion you need when you need it

Centrally located, we are easily accessible by public transportation, and we also offer onsite parking. Our regular office hours are weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but we are always accessible to clients, with evening and weekend hours by appointment.

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