Why Do Some Divorces Settle But Others Go To Trial?

Going to trial can be stressful and expensive. But 90 percent of divorce cases settle out of court. However, whether you have a more amicable divorce or not, it takes two to settle the case. If one party isn't willing to talk or negotiate, the process can get dragged out and end up in court. Pretty soon, the divorce is costing much more than it needed to and now you're spending money on attorneys that could have been better spent on your children's education fund.

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Why Choose Downs Law Offices?

At Downs Law Offices, our experience has taught us how to settle cases. But we will take your divorce to trial if that is in your best interests. Chicago divorce attorney Robert K. Downs has assisted clients with difficult divorce cases for over 50 years. If you work with us, you'll be fairly treated and told truth from start. We deeply believe this and communicate this early on.

"I don't just tell people what they want to hear – I tell it like it is." — Attorney Robert K. Downs

While we can't control the other party and their lawyer and judge, we can manage the case better toward settlement. Good lawyers settle cases. Bad lawyers — lawyers who don't know what they're doing — don't. This is where experience and reputation is very important.

Factors That Can Determine How Long A Divorce Takes

The longer the divorce takes, the more money it will cost to complete the divorce settlement process. Here are several factors that add to the complexity of your case, which could prolong reaching an outcome and finalize divorce decree.

  • Contested versus uncontested divorce
  • Assets involved such as hidden assets and high-asset valuation
  • Child custody issues
  • How much the divorcing couple argues

The divorce will take as long as necessary for both parties to realize they are wasting money by arguing. Many of the issues couples fight about can be resolved if they would just talk. Fighting not only prolongs the divorce process, but it also adds stress on your children, which can have long-lasting effects on their well-being.

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