What Dangers Lurk On Social Media During Divorce?

You've heard it before: Anything that gets posted on the internet is permanent. But with today's society, it seems everyone is expected to have a sort of double life — the one we lead in "real life" and the one we share online. However, online sharing can lead to trouble. Here's how.

What Is Discoverable?

Most people don't understand the dangers of social media during divorce. Anything you post on social media is discoverable and may be used against you because everything online is discoverable.

Many aspects of your divorce can be affected by what you post online, including:

  • Child custody and visitation rights
  • Child support payments
  • Spousal support or spousal maintenance
  • Division of property
  • Hidden assets

What Do People Post Online?

This can come into play in several case scenarios such as:

  • Bragging about income — In one case, a woman bragged online about how much money she was making. But she had lied in court about her amount of income. Because she had posted the information on Facebook, it was admissible in court.
  • Photos of substance abuse — In another case, a person's parenting suitability was brought into question because of alcohol and drug use documented by the parent online.
  • Vacation pictures — In still other cases, some men have been caught with girlfriends taking expensive trips to the Cayman Islands because they have posted pictures online. Our Chicago divorce lawyer has used social media photos during trials and turned the case in favor of his client.
  • Unknown assets — In other cases, someone may post proud photos standing in front of a fishing boat that the other spouse was not aware was an asset.

Speak With A Social Media Savvy Divorce Attorney

Call us today to work with an experienced Cook County family lawyer. Illinois attorney Robert K. Downs has used social media evidence in several cases. As a result, the cases shifted in favor of his clients. Put his social media savvy to work for you. Call his Chicago law office at 312-781-1963 for an appointment to discuss your divorce or child custody issues.