What You Need To Know About Child Relocation And Removal

Child relocation used to be about moving out of state. The laws have changed and now child relocation is about moving a certain distance away. When these modifications to child custody agreements are made, they specify how many miles away the child may be moved. Out of state moves are now called "removals" because the child is being removed from the state of Illinois.

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What Events Can Bring About Child Relocation?

Child relocations are requested for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Military families — A parent in the military is stationed somewhere new
  • Remarriage — A parent remarries and moves to a new location for their spouse
  • Relationship — Sometime people have significant others living someplace else
  • Job change — A job change causing one parent to need to move

The laws today surrounding child relocations are more generous. This may be because there are more ways than ever to stay connected with children. Modern electronics such as Skype, cellphones, FaceTime, texting and other communication methods allow people to stay better connected than ever in history. Additionally, transportation has become easier.

What It Comes Down To

With child custody, the real issue is which parent is more likely to give the children what they need? Illinois law states that if one parent wants to move with a child after divorce, that parent must have court approval to do so. As with other issues in divorce, the court looks to the best interest of the child in determining approval of a relocation case. The other parent may grant permission for the move. However, the court can overrule this permission for the sake of the child's best interests.

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